Chris King and the Gutterballs


Songwriters all have their own processes. For some it’s whiskey, for others, like Chris King, it’s typewriters. For the Seattle-based musician, who moved to the Emerald City by way of Northern California some five years ago, the rhythm and melody of the typewriter keys brings his lyric writing to life.


All of this makes perfect sense once you hear the throwback style of the band. And while their sound is nostalgic and perhaps reminiscent of another time, their energy is fresh, poignant and vital.


King, who began playing guitar at 15 in his local church, has grown into a mature songwriter despite being only 25. And his three-piece, Chris King and the Gutterballs, have recently played major Seattle festivals (Upstream Music Fest, Freakout Fest and Bigass Boombox) as well as a benefit show hosted by the world-renowned radio station 90.3 KEXP and they’ve also hosted a residency at the historic Blue Moon Tavern.


King, who moved to the Seattle area five years ago, later met drummer, Justin Denewith, and bassist Malcolm Roberts, who were, as fate would have it, from King’s hometown of Santa Cruz. Though the three had never played together before, they have since formed a special bond. Their sound tight, their mood comforting.


And the band’s talent has most recently been displayed on their back-to-back west coast tours and on their latest release, Cocktails, an LP that romps and croons, rich with Americana rock and roll, bolstered by the one-of-a-kind vivid and poetic lyrics that only King could write.


Chris King and the Gutterballs: Meet The Band

Chris King


Vocalist & Guitar Player




Justin Denewith





Malcolm Roberts


Bass Guitar Player



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